Soil Samples

All those owning land in Crittenden County, may receive up to 12 soil samples free of charge every year!  Additional samples are $6/each.  We lend out soil probes, and have the sample bags in stock and ready for use.

There are many great benefits and information you receive from taking soil samples - Click Here - to learn more.

Ready to get a soil test? - Click Here - to see how it is done.


Forage Samples

Forage samples are available for a fee, please contact the ANR Agent for more information on what tests can be done and the cost.


Other Samples

Other samples that we offer through our office are:

  • Plant Disease Identification & Recommended Treatment
  • Insect Identification & Recommenden Treatment
  • Critter Identification
  • Weed Identificiation
  • Tree Identification
  • Plant Identification

If there is something you are unsure if we process or not, please call or stop by.