4-H Activities

We are often asked what kind of activities can you do with 4-H?  The better question is what can't you do with 4-H!


Here is a list of different activities, conferences, camps that you can be involved with!

  • Teen Retreat-Usually held in April of every year, is open to 4-H youth in the 8th - 12th grades.  Held at West KY 4-H Camp in Dawson Springs, it is a weekend retreat, leaving on Friday returning Sunday.  This weekend is filled with amazing leadership games and fun opportunities for the youth.
  • 4-H Summit-Held in the spring of each year, youth stay at the beautiful Lake Cumberland 4-H Educational Center in Jabez, KY.  Open to 4-H Youth in the 6th - 8th grades.  It is a weekend filled with great learning opportunities and a chance to meet other 4-H'ers from across the state.
  • Teen Conference-Want to know what college life is like?  Join us for a week in June on the University of Kentucky campus.  This is open to High School 4-H'ers.  You will be get to attend workshop's, classes and full filled events with more than 600 youth from across the state.
  • Issues Conference-Open to High School Sophmore and Juniors this is a weekend conference usually held in November of each year at Lake Cumblerand 4-H Educational Center in Jabez, KY.  Desgined to  give teens the opportunity to learn the process of identifying and addressing local issues. You will select an issue that you are concerned about and research the issue before coming to the conference. While at the conference, you will be given the opportunity to share you ideas and collaborate with other 4-H’ers from around the state. 
  • Aerospace Camp-A one day camp in the beginning of June, held in Madisonville is open to 6th graders through age 19.  You will have the chance to build a glider, take your first flying lesson with a Certified Flight Instructor and much much more!
  • Capitol Experience-A one day chance to get to know your elected officials, how the government works and learning how the process of creating political change works.  The Capitol Experience is an opportunity for youth ages 9-19 to come to Frankfort during a Congressional session. You will get the opportunity to visit your legislators, view a committee meeting or meet representatives from government agencies. Additionally, we also may have the chance to tour the Governor’s Mansion or the Capitol, visit the House and Senate and hear a presentation from the Governor.  This day happens in February or March of each year.
  • Communication's Day
  • Teen Leadership Academy
  • American Private Enterprise System
  • Reality Store