Meet Your Food Nutrition Education Assistant - Sue Parrent

Hello!  My name is Sue Parrent.  I am the Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program Assistant or EFNEP for short.  I work with families who have children in the home age 18 and younger in learning nutitional education.  I help families learn how to budget for their groceries, and be able to feed their families nutritious meals on that budget.  I teach families the importance of eating according to My Plate to round out their diets.  I do visits with families in their homes, or at my office for their convenience.  I teach youth groups in the school systems as well as work with other groups to meet their needs.  I teach either one on one or group classes on; My Plate, Knowing the Limits, Planning Meals, Reading Labels, Eating Better on a Budget, Food Safety, Breakfast Made Easy, Cooking, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Protein, Dairy and much much more. 


Call the office today or email me for more information and set up your appointment to learn more about eating healthy!

Phone: 270-965-5236